Saturday, October 13, 2012

Maisie Shine - Fairy Floss

Unstoppable rain and not enough dry clothes sends me home tonight from camping.

But now I can tell you about my new polish from Maisie Shine.

I'll be honest the name drew me in, my daughters name is Mazie. So I had to take a look at their etsy account to see what they had. I found the most beautiful pink indie- Fairy floss.
Fairy floss is Australian for cotton candy. This delicate milky pink polish comes with an array of bar, hex and square glitters. This is a full size .5 ounce bottle of polish, for $9.00.

This polish went on very smooth, the glitters all laid down beautifully on my nail.  The pink was glossy and shiny.

This is one coat.

Two coats.

This is three coats.
This polish is so beautiful, I feel truly sorry that my pictures can't showcase the truly delicate mani that this is.
Here are some more pictures, maybe some of them can capture the true beauty of this polish.

October is breast cancer awareness month. If you want a gorgeous pink indie look no further than Maisie Shine- Fairy Floss.



  1. How do u get ur nails so long??? Mine suck :( they always break. They're sooooo thin. I've tried Sally hansens tea tree polish & sum nutria nail bullet proof polish my mom has AND Sally hansens diamond hard base coat and nothing, not even when I keep them polished :(

  2. love this gorgeous combination of pink and glitter and the variety of ways you can use it too!!

  3. I love your nail shape! I wish i could get mine that long :/

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