Sunday, September 30, 2012

Holiday Handbag cuticle oil by Butter London

Holiday Handbag cuticle oil by Butter London

Today I am reviewing Holiday Handbag cuticle oil.  Why it's called Holiday Handbag I have no idea, I bought it in September off the regular rack, all by itself not packaged for Christmas.
On the back it says, "Fun memories for you, intensive nourishment for your cuticles". Fun memories? What?
It also states it's a cocktail of vitamins and natural oils.
Handbag smells like coconuts and pineapples faintly, in a oily way. It's not as pleasant as it sounds (like a pina colada) but I have smelled worse,so it's about middle of the road as far as smells go.

I bought mine at Ulta for $20.
Using the polish like brush to apply is somewhat difficult to get the perfect amount. I tend to load my fingers up with the oil. It looks shiny and somewhat greasy but it actually has a dry kind of feeling.
In the picture below I rubbed the oil on my thumb, index and middle finger, and left the oil sitting on my ring finger and pinkie. Because of the dry feeling of the oil it seems to absorb right in with a little massaging.

I've been putting it on every night before bed which has a dilemma attached. Will the oil get on my sheets or pillow? but do I want to wear it during day and risk getting oil on my clothes? we all know how oil doesn't wash out of clothing. So when do you wear it? I tried putting it on and surfing the web but the oil was dripping off my cuticles onto my laptop keys. So that's the end of that.
After putting the oil on, I have been putting lotion on my hands and rubbing the whole thing in.
After a month I  haven't really noticed a difference, which is a surprise because I am in love with Butter London as a polish. I expected cuticles so soft that people would flock to me just to feel my cuticles. I don't have any hangnails but they are not as soft as I was expecting. Honestly I think I could achieve this softness with just regular lotion.

So all in all I would not waste $20 on Holiday Handbag, I'm going to stick with hand lotion until I find something better.

Holiday Handbag was purchased by me, for my personal use.

What are you using to moisturize your cuticles? Leave a comment and let me know so I can give it a try!



  1. I've been using Entity Beauty's cuticle oil- it's my new favorite! It's amazing! And it smells yummy.

  2. I will look into that oil. I don't HATE holiday handbag. while im soft as a babies bottom I dont have any hangnails and my cuiticles dont look horendous. I'll use this bottle up at least and give it a full try. Thanks for the recommendation Alison!

  3. Great post. I'm always on the hunt for cuticle oils and such. I keep reading about Sunnys Miracle Balm she has an oil as well you should check it out and give us a review? Thanks :)

  4. Yeah, I agree, that's why I'm lazy with cuticle oil, so messy! L'occtaine hand cream shea butter is best, u can put that on at bedtime, no mess and really soft hands.